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System Management Products

Webstone offers a wide array of products designed to support efficient operations.

Air Separator

The Webstone Air Separator features a unique stainless-steel coalescing medium that removes micro bubbles and static air from a hydronic system. In doing so, it eliminates noisy pipes that are a nuisance to building inhabitants. It also improves system efficiency and prevents poorly controlled room temperature and excessive wear on system components.

As the flow enters the device, the corrosion-resistant medium swiftly separates air from the fluid. The air collects at the top of the chamber which causes the water level in the top of the unit to drop, subsequently lowering a float which opens the vent head. The float then closes the vent head as the water level rises again, guided by an alignment pin which prevents jams and ensures smooth operation. In the unlikely event that build-up or a blockage should occur, the coalescing medium and vent can be removed for cleaning or replaced altogether if damaged.

System Management Valves & Fittings

The Gas Sediment Trap (GST) from Webstone, a brand of NIBCO is the industry’s first integral gas trap solution - a forged brass tee with an elongated capped branch that meets the 3” length that’s required by code. It’s ideal for a wide array of applications including high BTU appliances.

The GST has several advantages over field fabrication. Its attractive forged brass design results in cleaner, consistent quality professional installations that eliminate the possibility of an ineffective flow path. It saves time, replaces several components, and eliminates multiple leak paths. Created as an all-in-one installation kit that provides everything needed to complete the job, it includes a CSA certified full port gas ball valve, with the choice of an optional flex line that connects to the appliance or the supply line.

Differential Pressure By-Pass Valve

The Webstone Differential Pressure By-Pass Valve (DPBV) eliminates the noise, inadequate boiler flow, and stress on system components caused by excess pressure in a zoned hydronic system with a fixed-speed primary circulator pump, or other system configurations where flow rates may widely vary. The valve opens in low-demand operating conditions, ensuring proper flow to the boiler and preventing over-pumping of zones. Under partial loads, the DPBV opens to ensure quiet operation and appropriate pressures at the boiler circulator. With all zones active, the DPBV remains closed. It can be installed between the boiler supply and return lines or between zone legs in larger systems. It’s available in straight or angled body options, can be installed in any orientation, and does not require periodic maintenance.

Magnetic Boiler Filter

To protect the boiler from iron sludge that can accumulate in a hydronic system, consider the Webstone Magnetic Boiler Filter (MBF). Installed on the system return line, it captures ferrous and non-ferrous debris before it can reach the boiler using a high-powered 12,000 Gauss magnet and plastic filter. The drain makes it simple to remove accumulation, with a strapped cap that can be used to actuate the drain valve. A universal diverter allows the MBF to be used in both horizontal and vertical piping orientations. The service tool is also included to help install and maintain the filter with ease.

Valves & Fittings

Webstone offers a variety of valves and fittings to support system performance and management, including check valves, gate valves, drain valves, pressure relief valves, sillcocks, hosebibbs, and y-strainers.