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A unique forged assembly that places a ball valve between closely space tees to permit power purging of individual loops in a hydronic system. Precision crafting ensures that the critical distance between the tees is met to achieve hydraulic separation.

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Purge Tee Product

Product Specs

  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Construction
  • Reversible Handle
  • Blowout Proof Stem
  • Adjustable Packing Gland
  • Available in Press & SWT
  • Primary Run Sizes 1" – 1 ¼" with
  • Secondary Runs Sized 3/4" – 1 ¼"

Advantages Over Field Assembly

  • Replaces 5 Components*
  • Eliminates 4 Leak Paths
  • Saves 36 Minutes of Labor
  • Saves Space
  • Eliminates Need to Fabricate
  • Guaranteed for Life

*Correct spacing for hydraulic separation cannot be achieved using off-the-shelf components

Handle Operation
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Connection Types
Purge Tee
Press, Sweat
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