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Purge & Fill

Simultaneously drain, flush & refill any hydronic, solar, or closed loop system. T-pattern flow path quickly and easily prevents the flow between the two hose connections. As fluid is introduced into the system, the existing fluid or air is diverted out of the system through the remaining hose connection.

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Purge & Fill Product
Handle Operation

Product Specs

  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Construction
  • Hi-Flow Hose Drains
  • Reversible Handle
  • Blowout Proof Stem
  • Adjustable Packing Gland
  • Available in Press, FIP & SWT
  • Sizes 3/4" – 1 ½"

Advantages Over Field Assembly

  • Replaces 7 Components
  • Eliminates 6 Leak Paths
  • Saves 54 Minutes of Labor
  • Saves Space
  • Guaranteed for Life
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