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2020 Innovations

Pro-Connect Press Isolator
The ONLY way to isolate circulator pumps
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Press Isolators

Product Specs

  • Compatible with Popular Press Tools
  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Construction
  • Unique Uni-Body Design on ALL Models
  • Blowout Proof Stem
  • Adjustable Packing Glands
  • Conical Inlet to Minimize Turbulence
  • Patented Technology
  • Guaranteed for Life


  • Simplifies Circulator Pump Installation
  • Easily Isolate the Pump for Replacement
    or System Service
  • Reduces Leak Paths
  • Saves Labor & Space
  • Allows Virtually No Air Into System
    Upon Pump Replacement
  • Fits Virtually Any Circulator Pump
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