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Compact Version of
our Original E-X-P

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E-X-P E2 Product

Product Specs

  • Set of 2 Heavy Duty Forged Brass Lead-Free Ball Valves
  • Full Port Main Flow Channel
  • Large Drain Port Outlets
  • Color Coded Aluminum Handles
  • Uniquely Designed Lever/Wing Handle
  • Available With Your Choice of 3 Pressure Relief Valves
  • Compatible with popular press tools
  • Also available in IPS & SWT
  • Available in Sizes 3/4" – 1"


  • Compact Size
  • Easy Identification of Hot & Cold Valves
  • Quicker, Consistent Quality Installations
  • Fewer Leak Paths
  • Allows for Easy Cleaning & Flushing
  • Allows for Easy Diagnostic Testing
  • Guaranteed for Life
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