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With Rotating Flange

Isolates the pump for replacement or system service. The 360° flange allows for positioning at any degree of rotation necessary for your specific installation.

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Isolator With Rotating Flange Product
Snug-Fit Rotating Flange

Product Specs

  • Heavy duty forged brass construction
  • Unique uni-body design is preserved
  • Rotating forged brass outer flange
  • Blowout proof stem
  • Adjustable packing gland
  • Conical inlet to minimize turbulence
  • Slotted holes for high velocity pumps
  • Compatible with all Aquatherm® PP‑R piping systems
  • Lead Free CleanBrass construction
    certified to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372
  • Suitable for all potable applications
  • Available in female metric socket
    nominal sizes 3/4" to 2"
  • Available exclusively at Aquatherm® dealers
  • Also available in IPS, SWT & Press


  • Permanent leak-free connections
    made in seconds via heat fusion
  • Safe, clean, long-lasting, high performance materials
  • Available stem extension kit accommodates insulation
    and improves handle accessibility (SE-9170 Series)
  • Removable outer flange
  • Flush inner & outer flanges help to prevent
    damage from over-torquing
  • Stainless steel snap-ring secures the outer flange &
    provides greater control during installation
  • Saves labor, space & leak paths
  • Prevents electrolysis
  • Eliminates galvanic corrosion
  • Allows virtually no air into system
    upon pump replacement
  • Fits virtually any circulator pump
  • Guaranteed for life
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