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New Ultra-Compact TMV Features Convenience

November 1, 2019

Two new Ultra-Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve products: Pro-Connect ProPush™ models for the ultimate in convenience, and chrome-plated bronze model for commercial applications. Ideal for discrete under-sink installations, with space-saving 2½" × 3¼" body. Push model offers ¼" ends for fully-removable connections to copper, CPVC, or PEX. Bronze model features 3/8" OD compression ends. Both models feature dezincification resistant lead-free construction, temperature-locking handle, optional temperature gauge and/or cold water by-pass fittings.

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New Ultra-Compact TMV Products

Pro-Pal® Union Ball™

August 12, 2019

New Pro-Pal® Union Ball™. Easily disconnect and replace any portion of a piped system. Union connection simplifies installation and service. Available in sizes ½" – 1”, with FIP, SWT, PEX, Push, or Press connections. Lead-free dezincification-resistant brass complies with all low-lead plumbing laws.

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New Pro-Pal Union Ball

PEX Pro-Pal® Expansion

August 1, 2019

Popular Ball Drain™ is now available with F1960 and F1807 end connections, allowing users to isolate and drain any portion of a PEX system more easily than ever before. The full Ball Drain lineup also features FIP, SWT, Press, Press x Pex, PP-R, PP-RCT, and union connections, in sizes ½" - 2". Lead-free dezincification-resistant brass construction certified to all appropriate codes and standards. Save up to 45 minutes and 5 leak-paths off your next installation.

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New PEX Pro-Pal Products

New E-X-P™ Service Valves for Next Generation of Tankless Solutions

July 1, 2019

New E-X-P Service Valve Kits for tankless water heaters with integrated PRV and/or drain ports. E-X-P Service Valve Kits isolate the unit for servicing, and feature color-coded handles and easy-to-install union connections. Kits are forged from lead-free dezincification resistant brass for compliance with all low lead plumbing codes, and are available in 3/4" with your choice of FIP, SWT, Press, Push or PEX connections (varies by model). Save time, space and labor with expert-looking results.

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New E-X-P Products

National Sales Manager Brian King talks with PM Magazine

May 2, 2019

Webstone history, exclusive products, and 2019 launches all discussed at the AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo.

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PM Magazine Video

New Hydro-Core™ NBP Kit
for Lochinvar® Noble™ Boilers

May 1, 2019

New Hydro-Core Complete Near Boiler Piping Kit designed in partnership with Lochinvar for their Noble NKB080, NBK110, and NBK150 boilers. Saves time, space and labor with expert-looking results. Fully-fabricated solution includes everything necessary for a successful installation, including insulated manifold with integrated purge and fill valves, copper supply and return lines, boiler connections, and mesh y-strainer. Choice of Press, FIP, or SWT manifold.

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New Hydro-Core Lochinvar Kit

New WHTV with Press Connections
& New Tempering By-Pass Valve

April 1, 2019

The Water Heater Tempering Valve is now available with Pro-Connect Press™ connections, for installing safer hot water storage faster than ever before. Its new complementing Tempering By-Pass Valve provides un-tempered hot water directly to high-temperature appliances. All products feature lead-free brass, suitable for potable water applications.

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New WHTV Products

New Differential Pressure By-Pass Valve

March 4, 2019

New Differential Pressure By-Pass Valve. DPBVs maintain system performance and efficiency in zoned systems with fixed-speed pumps. Available in sizes ¾" and 1" with Press, FIP, MIP, or SWT connections, it is also compatible with optional G1 union accessories to customize installation.

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New PEX Products

January 3, 2019

Over 45 new lead-free PEX SKUs. Highly-anticipated F1960 PEX ball valves in larger 1¼ - 2" ends
and Press × PEX couplings and elbows are now available. Also included in the launch are
1¼ - 2" Press × PEX Pro-Pal® Ball Drains and ball valves (in both F1960 and F1807), as well as
F1807 and F1807 × FIP wing-handle ball valves. Press × PEX products make it simpler than ever to
quickly and neatly go from copper to PEX.

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New PEX Products