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Water Heater Tempering Valve

September 14, 2017

The Webstone Water Heater Tempering valve mixes cold water from the supply with the hot output from the heater for greater effective hot water storage. This allows water to be stored at 140°F - mitigating the risk of Legionella bacteria in the tank. Adjustable temperature control limits output to 120°F and prevents the risk of scalding. Installation kits include the lead free valve, temperature gauge and (2) Pro-Connect ProPush™ flexible connectors for easy integration with the rest of the system. GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

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Isolator E-X-P Kits with ProPush Connections

April 07, 2017

Patented Isolator® E-X-P™ Service Valve Kits allow for quicker, consistent quality tankless water heater installations with fewer leak paths. Now available with Pro-Connect ProPush™ ends for fully removable connections to copper, CPVC or PEX. Clean, flush, or diagnose any tankless water heater with ease. Products are in stock for immediate shipment. Lead Free CleanBrass certified to meet all low lead laws and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

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Pro-Pal Step Saving Valves With Press Connections

January 23, 2017

Webstone's ever-expanding Pro-Connect Press product line now includes 3 more Pro-Pal items: T-Drain™, Union Ball Drain™ and Press x FIP Ball Drain™. These exclusive items offer single-body brass designs that save space, time, money and leak paths. Products are planned to be in stock for shipments starting this February. Compatible with all popular press tools and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

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Press Pro-Pal