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NEW – Add-A-Gauge Tools

November 17, 2015

The new Webstone Add-A-Gauge tool allows installers to utilize an existing hose connection to add a gauge port to any system in just minutes. Models accommodate bottom or center-back mounted temperature and/or pressure gauges (sold separately), feature a 1/8" capped bleeder, are constructed from Lead-Free CleanBrass and guaranteed for life.

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Mechanical Business cites Webstone Expansion Tank Pro-Service Valve as a "handy tool"

November 10, 2015

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NEW PEX Products from Webstone

October 14, 2015

Webstone is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our PEX valve lineup to include cold-expansion ASTM F1960 PEX Sillcocks and ball valves. These items offer durable stainless steel handles, are lead free compliant (certified to NSF/ANSI-14, IAPMO/ANSI Z1157, NSF/ANSI-61, & NSF/ANSI-372) and guaranteed for life.

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ASTM F1960 PEX Products

Isolator E-X-P E2™ Now Available in Press

September 16, 2015

The patented Isolator E-X-P E2 Service Valve Kits allow for quicker, consistent quality TWH installations, with fewer leak paths; and are now available with Pro-Connect Press connections for even faster installation. Streamline future services and clean, flush, or diagnose any tankless water heater with ease. Forged from Lead Free CleanBrass certified to meet all low lead laws and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

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Press E2

Webstone featured in HVAC Insider

September 10, 2015

Webstone's Purge Tee™ valve was highlighted as an ideal 'double tee fitting' that simplifies installing closely spaced tees.

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HVAC Insider June

EXPANDED! Hydro-Core Boiler Compatibility Matrix

August 26, 2015

A new edition of the Hydro-Core Boiler Compatibility Matrix is now available at Hydro-Core Complete Near Boiler Piping kits are now available to fit around 200 boilers from 20 different manufacturers. Utilize this matrix to find the right Hydro-Core kit for your specific boiler and save over 4 hours on your next installation with expert looking results. Designed specifically for hydraulic separation, pump isolation, and purging the near boiler piping or secondary circuit loops. Guaranteed to save you time, space, and leak paths – Hydro-Core is the Core of Any Professional Hydronic Installation.

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Expanded Hydro-Core Matrix

Webstone featured in Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine

August 26, 2015

Webstone's Purge & Fill™ valve was highlighted as an innovative modern solution that makes radiator installation simple.

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Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine

Enhanced Product Training Videos Now Available
MVP in Hydronic System Installations DVD

July 7, 2015

This newly expanded 35-minute animated video outlines the functions, features and benefits of Webstone's complete line of signature products and includes new segments on Hydro-Core, Thermostatic Mixing Valve lines, Pro-Connect Press™ and PP-R Pro™ products. Copies of this video are available free of charge to wholesalers and offer exceptional product training for sales staff and customers alike. Pop it in a showroom DVD player for an excellent opportunity to showcase the benefits of Webstone to contractors while they shop.

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Hydronic MVP DVD

Webstone Sales Team Expands

June 30, 2015

Webstone continues to grow and once again has expanded its sales team responsible for developing new markets. Bill Colglazier has been promoted to lead this team as "Director of New Business Development". Webstone is also proud to welcome Larry Waldron as its new National Sales Manager. Waldron brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Webstone with his many years of management experience.

Introducing Pro-Connect PP‑R Pro™!

May 20, 2015

Webstone and Aquatherm have partnered to develop the industry's first line of quality brass valves with integrated connections for PP‑R pipe, compatible for use with all Aquatherm® PP‑R piping systems. New PP‑R Pro™ products include ball valves, The Isolator®, The Isolator w/ Multi‑Function Drain and the Pro-Pal® Ball Drain™. All valves are manufactured with Lead Free CleanBrass, certified to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372. Available in nominal sizes 1/2" – 2" and guaranteed for life.

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Pro-Connect PP-R Pro

Webstone Featured in PHC News

May 20, 2015

PHC News profiles Webstone's 2015 Sales Meeting held at the AHR Show in January, during which company President, Michael Reck revealed key upcoming product launches and discussed the company's plans for the year ahead.

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PHC News Cover

New Hydro-Core Product Video Available on YouTube

April 16, 2015

Webstone just released a new video highlighting the features and functionality of the revolutionary Hydro-Core Manifold System. This short video easily explains how you can eliminate dozens of leak paths and components AND save over 4 hours on your next boiler installation.

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Hydro-Core Video

Pro-Connect Press Hydro-Core Manifolds
Save Over 4 Hours on Your Next Boiler Installation

February 3, 2015

The revolutionary Hydro-Core Manifold System is now available with Press connections, compatible with all popular tools – making it faster than ever to install a boiler. The Hydro-core Complete Near Boiler Piping Kits eliminate dozens of components and leak paths, shaving hours off every installation with expert looking results. Compatible with 185 different boilers and counting! Designed specifically for hydraulic separation, and purging the near boiler piping loop. – Hydro-Core is the Core of Any Professional Hydronic Installation.

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Hydro-Core Press

Pro-Connect ProPush Exclusive 10 for 1 Warranty

January 15, 2015

The best products have the best warranty! Webstone's Lead Free Pro-Connect ProPush products now carry an exclusive 10 for 1 guarantee. If a ProPush product ever fails as a result of a manufacturing defect, Webstone will replace the unit tenfold and reimburse the installing contractor up to an additional $50 towards their labor. This exclusive warranty, offered on over 150 skus, makes ProPush one of the most complete and reliable solder-free lines in the industry. Choose from bulk or individual packaging, compatible with COPPER, PEX, or CPVC systems. Forged from dezincification resistant brass, suitable for underground use and cUPC certified to NSF/ANSI 61-8, this line is ideal for potable water and hydronic heating systems.

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ProPush 10 for 1 Replacement Warranty