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Double Flanged Check

Designed for installation between the pump and Isolator Uni-flange ball valve. Our double flanged check features one of the largest flow rates available anywhere. The 360° flange allows for positioning at any degree of rotation necessary for your specific installation.

Double Flanged Check Product
Snug-Fit Rotating Flange

Product Specs

  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Construction
  • Unique Uni-Body Design is Preserved
  • Integral Spring Loaded Check Valve
  • Rotating Forged Brass Outer Flange
  • Slotted Holes for High Velocity Pumps


  • Adds a Check Valve to Any Pump
  • Just Two Sizes to Cover ANY Installation
  • Removable Outer Flange
  • Generously Sized Integral Check
    Reduces Impact on the Pump
  • Removable Check Feature Eases System Maintenance
  • Replacement Check Components Available
  • Flush Inner & Outer Flanges Help to Prevent Damage from Over-Torquing
  • Stainless Steel Snap-Ring Secures the Outer Flange & Provides Greater Control During Installation
  • Guaranteed for Life
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Isolator Double Flanged Check
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