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Complete Kits for:
Rinnai E-Series &
Lochinvar Noble Fire Tube Combi

See the Compatibility Matrix or contact Inside Sales for more detail.

Complete Near Boiler Piping Kits Product
Hydro-Core Flex

A fully-fabricated solution, kits include everything necessary for a successful installation; leaving the installer to provide only the pump. Available for a wide array of boilers. Features vary by kit.

Available For

  • Floor Standing, Side Mount Boilers (shown below)
  • Floor Standing, Top Mount Boilers
  • Wall Hung Boilers
  • Wall Hung Boilers w/ Integral Pump

Product Specs

  • Your choice of FIP, SWT or Press Manifold
  • Fully fabricated & insulated supply & return lines assembled with copper or tubing
  • Outfitted with connections for your specific boiler
  • Integrated Mesh "Y" Strainer with Rotating Flange & plugged 1/2" port in strainer cap for installation of drain valve
  • Plugged 1/4" pressure gauge port on select kit models
  • Plugged FIP ports for connection to other equipment. (i.e. indirect water heater, heat exchanger, pressure relief valve, etc.)
  • Accommodates common circulator pumps (measuring 6" in length)


  • Replaces 34 Components
  • Eliminates 29 Leak Paths
  • Saves Over 4 Hours of Labor
  • Installation Kits to Fit over 200 Different Boilers & Counting!
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