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Case Study: Webstone innovation saves
time & space in renovation project

Perron Plumbing & Heating with Installed System

It was nearing December, and Chris Wilson’s newly purchased 2,800-sq-foot home in Danielson, Connecticut, needed a lot of work. The original heating system, which was designed when the house was built in 1966, was plagued by a 50-year-old boiler that was ill-equipped for the fast-approaching winter. Zach Perron, of Perron Plumbing & Heating in nearby Woodstock, Connecticut, was able to get the Wilson’s new boiler and heating system up and running in just 12 hours with the help of step-saving valves from Webstone.

But it wasn’t just a time-crunch that Perron was faced with. Since the Wilson’s are planning to completely finish their basement for entertaining guests, he would have to swap out the out-dated, cumbersome heating system of the past for an all-new design that is both compact and tidy to streamline the renovation process.

“It’s not a complicated system,” says Perron, “But we did start completely from scratch.”

As a general contractor who is familiar with heating systems, Wilson had a lot of input on the products chosen for this job. His insistence on Webstone was largely attributed to the brand’s lifetime warranty. In total the system uses over 35 Webstone valves, ensuring performance that the Wilson family can count on.

Circulator Pumps Installed with Isolators

Wilson requested each circulator pump in the six zone system be outfitted with Webstone’s Isolator® Uni-Flange Ball Valve and Isolator® Uni-Flange Ball Valve with Multi-Function Drain. Each of the Isolators used features a rotating flange with 360 degrees of motion, making it easy to create a tight installation that’s easy to service down the line. “Our contractor was able to use just two Isolators per pump, which made things very neat. Otherwise it would have taken 11 off-the-shelf components and a lot more space to do the same job.”

Perron, who had previous experience with flanged ball valves, echoed Wilson’s acclaim for the Webstone Isolator®. He adds that he was pleasantly surprised with the convenience of the rotating flange. “The Isolator® saved us a couple of hours installing each zone.”

But designing a system involves more than just thinking about the present. The patented design on the isolation drain features a unique three-way ball that permits draining from other side of the pump. Perron says the Isolator with Multi-Function Drain is “ideal for future servicing. In the old days you’d have to shut down the system, drain the water, purge the air – if you’re going back to replace a pump with these, you’re going to save time and definitely labor.”

Expansion Tank Pro Service Valve Installed

Another product that came strongly recommended by Wilson was Webstone’s Pro‑Pal® Expansion Tank Pro Service Valve™.

Perron, whose family-owned company has over forty years of experience in the industry, was impressed with the results. “It was the first time I’d used one,” he says. “Before it would have been a bunch of components.”

Seven components, to be exact. The Pro‑Pal® Expansion Tank Pro Service Valve™ replaces two tees, three nipples, a ball valve, and a boiler drain – not to mention eliminates six leak paths and shaves nearly one hour off installation. The three-way ball controls the flow between the expansion tank and the system, allowing the user to easily install, isolate, drain, or replace the expansion tank. It provides a connection for the system to the supply feed, and offers an additional connection outlet for an air separator. Like the Isolator® that kicked off Webstone’s history of innovative products, the entire Pro‑Pal® line features step-saving valves that provide greater functionality in a smaller space for installation and future servicing.

The next step for the Wilson home is to finish up the plumbing in the kitchen and two and a half bathrooms, and Perron already has an arsenal of Webstone valves at-the-ready to get the job done. “The Webstone products definitely make it a little easier on us. They look nice and they’re a time-saver.” he says. Wilson agrees. “It’s really the best of both worlds.”

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